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Art and Wine, the success of the exhibition “Inseguendo Donnafugata”

Over 10 thousand visitors to Villa Necchi Campiglio for the works of Stefano Vitale that gave rise to the Donnafugata labels. A multisensory journey that evokes Sicily, wine and the universal values of courage, friendship and innovation.

Over 10 thousand visitors to Villa Necchi Campiglio for the works of Stefano Vitale that gave rise to the Donnafugata labels. A multisensory journey that evokes Sicily, wine and the universal values of courage, friendship and innovation.

Art and wine, a very fortunate binomial judging by the success of the exhibition “Inseguendo Donnafugata” (Chasing Donnafugata) that will end on 22 July in Milan. The rooms of Villa Necchi Campiglio, where FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano wished to host the exhibition dedicated to the illustrations by artist Stefano Vitale for the Donnafugata labels, in fact, have already welcomed over 10,000 visitors in only two months, half of them of foreign origin.

A figure, this of the number of visitors to the Villa, that shows a +10% compared to the same period last year and that also rewards the collaboration launched ten years ago when Donnafugata, on Pantelleria, had restored and donated a garden to FAI. It is the Donnafugata Giardino Pantesco, symbol of their common commitment to education in beauty and the harmony between man and nature.
“Inseguendo Donnafugata” has put on display Stefano Vitale’s original works, small extremely colorful treasures, true “visions” that recount wine and Sicily through an extraordinarily identifying fantastic and feminine language.

The installation succeeded in presenting the creative journey that leads from the illustrations to the creation of the labels of some of the most famous Donnafugata wines, also on display and then also to be tasted in the charming garden of Villa Necchi, where visitors complete and crown their experience: more than 1,000 bottles uncorked so far.

The narrative project intended to unveil universal themes such as courage, friendship, innovation, love for one’s homeland. Staged – with installation by Lorenzo Damiani – is the story of a family that, with ability and passion, has enhanced its territory.
As in an ensemble film, the protagonists alternate in Guido Taroni’s photographs and Virginia Taroni‘s video interviews that are integrated into the itinerary of the exhibition. It starts with Gabriella and Giacomo Rallo, founders of Donnafugata. There is Stefano Vitale who, inspired by his friendship with Giacomo and Gabriella, becomes the passionate interpreter of the iconic universe symbolic of this donna-in-fuga (woman-in-flight), and of her many faces.

Then José and Antonio – fifth generation of this family – arrive, with José who, through jazz music, experiments new ways of communicating wine, and Antonio, winemaker, custodian of a craftsmanship that, with the heroic viticulture of Pantelleria, reaches peaks of excellence recognized all over the world: these are the people at the helm of the new projects of an enterprise in perpetual motion and, for this, always to be chased.

“I have spent several days at Villa Necchi – says José Rallo of Donnafugata – and, from the visitors’ comments, great appreciation has emerged for a story that gave rise to a multisensory journey capable of guiding you through the colors, scents and tastes of Sicily, from the slopes of Etna to the cliffs of Pantelleria. The opinions posted on social media also agree on the fact that the narration is very evocative and emotional.

It is therefore no coincidence that, at the Villa Necchi bookshop, the sale of the glossy catalog of the exhibition has exceeded all expectations, as also that of the wines included in the assortment; the collection of original labels, one of the most sought after souvenirs, has also been a best seller.

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