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On the highest active Volcano in Europe

An extraordinary terroir, between heaven and earth

In Eastern Sicily, on the northern slope of Etna, the soil shows its infinite power. Here the elegance of volcanic wines tells the story of mountain viticulture characterized by a continental climate, terraces and drystone walls composed of lava stone.

A close look at the Estate

The Territory, the vineyards and the climate

We chose the northern slope of Etna, protected from cold winds by the natural barrier of the Nebrodi mountains, because it is characterized by lower rainfall which favours optimal ripening of the grapes






Hectares of olive groves


Altitude from 730 to 750 m a.s.l.; the composition of the lava soil with a sandy texture is characterized by a subacid-neutral reaction and by good organic content. Deep, rich in minerals, the lava soil allows great root expansion


Terraced vineyards. Alberello or espalier system of vine-training with spurred cordon pruning. Density of about 4,500 plants per hectare with a yield of 45 to 65 quintals per hectare.


At these altitudes the continental climate meets the Sicilian sun, creating unique climatic conditions: rain and snow in autumn and winter, mild temperatures in spring and summer with great temperature ranges give a marked aromatic freshness to the wines of this area.

Tailor-made way of making wine

In the field

Mountain viticulture

Viticulture on Etna is characterized by traditional forms of growing such as the Etna alberello system, with vines that can be over 80 years old. The interaction between soil, microclimate, and vine wisely managed by man makes unique characteristics of the grapes produced here and of wines that stand out for their distinct mineral taste and elegance.

In the vineyard

From the sciara to the vineyard

With its eruptions, Etna produces “sciare“, accumulations of lava which, with long physicochemical processes, give life to the sandy soils of the slopes of the volcano. Each sciara, which were created in different historical periods, determines a particular composition of the land: an imprint that makes the wine of a micro-territory unique.

The crus of Etna, volcanic elegance

The two crus, Fragore Contrada Montelaguardia and Contrada Marchesa Etna Rosso DOC, have their roots in very ancient lava flows: the Contrada Montelaguardia vineyard rises on a sciara dating back to 1600, the two hectares of Contrada Marchesa instead grow on a sciara dating back thousands of years. The two iconic wines of Etna express all the elegance and power of the volcano

Environmental sustainability

Producing while respecting the environment and the human being

A deep love for one’s land has always been the soul of Donnafugata. A desire to produce quality wines that respect the environment: “From the vineyard to the bottle, there is no quality without sustainability”

Restoration of old vineyards and agricultural resilience

On Etna we are bringing some old vineyards back to their original form of cultivation which, from an Etnean alberello, had been transformed into espalier: a work of restoration and conservation of resilient agricultural practices

The UN Agenda 2030
Goal 2 – End hunger

Perpetual vineyard and agricultural sustainability

In particularly valuable vineyards, we replace  non-productive vines  with new plants: this allows us to have a vineyard with a special vegetative-productive balance and to give life to wines that are well-balanced, harmonious and that have a great personality.

The UN Agenda 2030
Goal 15 – Life on earth

Drystone walls and protecting the landscape

We have recovered, and do maintenance on them every year, dry lava stone walls (listed with Unesco World Heritage Status), which help prevent soil erosion, while protecting the landscape and biodiversity.

The UN Agenda 2030
Goal 15 – Life on earth

From the Sostain Sicily Foundation to the UN 2030 Agenda: for sustainable development

Find out about our commitment

The varieties

Nerello Mascalese

Nerello Mascalese is a black grape variety. The high plant density and low grape yield per plant help to generate wines of great elegance and class. The unique terroir of the volcano gives life to its most prestigious versions, under the name of Etna DOC.

Nerello Cappuccio

Nerello Cappuccio is a variety of black grapes which, together with Nerello Mascalese, forms the DOC Etna Rosso. It has a bunch of a medium length, with a conical shape, and the grape is characterized by a blue-black spheroidal shape. The wine has an intense red colour, the aroma is floral and fruity, it is characterized by hints of berries and vegetables, with a spicy touch. On the palate it is structured.


Carricante is an ancient variety of white grapes grown on the slopes of Etna. It produces elegant whites with a distinct mineral taste. The bunch is medium in size and the berries have a yellow-green skin. Carricante generally has a straw-yellow color with greenish reflections. The aroma is elegant, with fresh notes of white fruit, aromatic herbs, flint and citrus.

The wines of the estate

Etna Rosso Doc Contrada Marchesa 2018 Etna Rosso Doc Contrada Marchesa

Etna Rosso Doc Contrada Marchesa 2018, light ruby red in color, presents a fragrant bouquet with fruity, floral and aromatic herbs scents. In the mouth it stands out for its great balance and fine tannic texture that make it an icon...

Fragore 2019 Etna Rosso Doc Contrada Montelaguardia

Fragore 2019, ruby red colored, it offers an ample and deep bouquet with notes of wild blackberry and forest floor that blend with balsamic, mineral (flint) and tobacco nuances. Due to its complexity and structure with important tannins, together with...

Cuordilava Dolce&Gabbana e Donnafugata 2018 Etna Rosso Doc

Cuordilava 2018, ruby red colored, presents a bouquet of small red fruits and orange zest accompanied by spicy notes (cinnamon) that intertwine with fresh balsamic and undergrowth hints. On the palate it is ample and deep, characterized by well-integrated tannins...

Isolano Dolce&Gabbana e Donnafugata 2020 Etna Bianco Doc

Isolano 2020,  straw yellow color with golden reflections, at the nose presents a refined bouquet with fragrant citrus scents of lemon zest, notes of broom in bloom and Mediterranean herbs. Isolano, a white of enveloping elegance, offers great persistence and extraordinary...

Rosa Dolce&Gabbana e Donnafugata 2021 Sicilia Doc

Rosa 2021, bright pale pink in colour, it has an elegant bouquet of jasmine and rose petals, with delicate fruity notes of peach and white-fleshed fruits. Of pleasant fragrance, minerality and finesse, it surprises with remarkable persistence.

Sul Vulcano Etna Rosso Doc 2019 Etna Rosso Doc

Sul Vulcano 2019, pale ruby red,  offers an elegant bouquet with notes of red fruits (raspberries and cherries) along with hints of fresh balsamic mint and delicate spicy nuances of white pepper. The palate is fresh and with a good...

Sul Vulcano Etna Bianco Doc 2020 Etna Bianco Doc

Sul Vulcano 2020, straw yellow in color with golden reflections at the nose has a refined bouquet with mineral notes of flint, citrusy aromas of mandarin and delicate tertiary hints of honey and hay from long ageing. On the palate it...

Sul Vulcano Etna Rosato Doc 2021 Etna Rosato Doc

Sul Vulcano rosato 2021, light pink in color,  presents delicate floral scents (wisteria) accompanied by pleasant fruity notes of plum and pink grapefruit. It stands out for its freshness and refined minerality.

Dea Vulcano 2020 Etna Rosso Doc

Dea Vulcano 2020 , light ruby red in color offers a refined bouquet with notes of red fruit (wild strawberry and cherries) and delicate nuances of herbs (sage) and spices such as black pepper and cinnamon. On the palate, it...

In this area Donnafugata produces monocultivar extra virgin olive oil from Nocellara Etnea. The olive trees are grown on terraced volcanic soils with drystone walls, and they are harvested manually. A fruity and elegant oil with hints of almonds and chestnuts

Find out about Nocellara Etnea
Come and visit us in Etna

Guided tours, professional tastings and refined combinations with specialties of local cuisine await you. A hospitality that you can enjoy all year round. 

Visit the Etna Estate
The other estates


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