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Music & Wine

We are a company  that lives with the rhythm of jazz where wine and music come together in a unique multisensory experience.

Donnafugata wines to the sound of music

Donnafugata Music & Wine

Donnafugata is an experience of life, where rules, creativity, emotion, and technique are one thing.

Donnafugata Music & Wine is a unique multisensory experience in which the encounter between wine and music creates an unforgettable dialogue.

The project

Donnafugata Music & Wine project was born in 2002 from an idea of José Rallo and her husband Vincenzo Favara, passionate of jazz and Brazilian music.

José, producer and unusual voice, offers a multisensory experience that combines each wine with a piece of music, the rhythm of which accompanies the sensations of tasting the Donnafugata wines.

The Donnafugata Music & Wine project boasts the production of three albums and a series of concert-events in sensational venues such as the Blue Note in New York, Beijing, Shanghai and the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

The albums

The repertoire of jazz and Brazilian music sung by Josè Rallo is collected in three albums, to give unexpected emotions to those who listen to them accompanied by a glass of wine.

Donnafugata Music&Wine Live (2004)

Donnafugata Music & Wine’s first album was recorded at the Casa della Musica in Trieste, and launched with a concert at the Blue Note in Milan in October 2004. In 2005, with its distribution in wine bars and restaurants throughout Italy, Funds were raised in favor of the pediatric cardiac surgery unit in the Civic Hospital of Palermo.


Donnafugata Music&Wine & the Brass Group (2007)

In 2007 the second album was recorded with the participation of Eliot Zigmund and Bill Moring, two great names in  the world of jazz, and with the collaboration of The Brass Group, the historic foundation of Palermo, promoter of music culture. Thanks to its distribution Donnafugata supported a microcredit project in partnership with Banca Etica


Donnafugata Music&Wine with the Brass Group Rebirth (2020)

Recorded in 2020, Rebirth is a record born from the desire for rebirth. 

An album that offers a repertoire of 11 songs and a tribute to Sicily, wine and literature. With Rebirth the partnership between Donnafugata and The Brass Group was renewed. We opened  our Spotify channel launching the new album


The Spotify channel

The entire Donnafugata Music & Wine repertoire is available on Spotify, and on all major music platforms in streaming: a new way to enjoy a glass of wine and music that enhances its characteristics straight at home.

Listen on Spotify

Donnafugata Music & Wine on tour



2004: The first album was presented at the Blue Note in Milan

2005: Concert at the Blue Note in New York

2007: Concert at the Blue Brass Jazz in Palermo for the launch of the second album recorded with the participation of The Brass Group and the 15 wind instrument players of the Sicilian Orchestra

2019: Extraordinary performance at the Acropolis Museum in Athens

2020: Josè Rallo and the Music & Wine Band perform at the Contessa Entellina estate on the occasion of Calici di Stelle

2022: Concert at the Real Teatro di Santa Cecilia in Palermo for the launch of the third album, Rebirth.

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