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Contessa Entellina

In the heart of western Sicily lie our vineyards from which wines of great freshness and longevity are born
18 products
7 Available formats

Mille e una Notte 2019 Sicilia Doc Rosso

With an intense ruby red color, Mille e Una Notte 2019 presents a complex bouquet characterized by notes of blackberries and current, fresh balsamic hints, spicy scents of black pepper and delicate nuances of sweet toasting. On the palate it...

1 Available format

Tancredi 2017 Contessa Entellina Doc

With an intense ruby red color, Tancredi 2017 combines notes of ripe red fruit (red currant and plum) and balsamic (eucalyptus) with delicate hints of cocoa and sweet tobacco. On the palate it has an excellent structure with important and...

2 Available formats

Tancredi Dolce&Gabbana e Donnafugata 2019 Terre Siciliane Igt

With an intense ruby red color, Tancredi 2019 combines notes of ripe red fruit -black cherry and plums- followed by delicate spicy hints, cacao and sweet tobacco. On the palate it unfolds all its enveloping and plentiful personality with perfectly...

1 Available format

Angheli 2020 Sicilia Doc Merlot e Cabernet Sauvignon

With an intense ruby red color, Angheli 2020 shows a fragrant bouquet of red fruit (plum and black cherry) combined with elegant menthol and licorice notes. On the palate, it is enveloping with soft tannins and excellent persistence. A red...

1 Available format

Sedàra 2021 Sicilia Doc

Ruby red in color with purple hues, Sedàra 2021 offers a fruity bouquet with hints of fresh red fruit – cherry, black cherry and plum –, and spicy notes of black pepper. On the palate, it shows a good structure...

1 Available format

Sherazade 2022 Sicilia Doc Nero d’Avola

With bright ruby red color with violet reflections, Sherazade 2022 presents a fruity bouquet with hints of plum and cherry flanked by delicate spicy and notes and balsamic hints. On the palate the fruity notes return smoothly, a red of...

1 Available format

Lumera 2022 Sicilia Doc Rosato

Brilliant pink, Lumera 2022 offers a wide and fragrant bouquet with fruity notes of wild strawberries and pomegranate combined with delicate flowery scents of violets. The palate is fresh and savory with excellent structure, pleasant persistence, and reminiscence of fruity...

1 Available format

Donnafugata Brut Rosé 2018 Vino Spumante Rosé Sicilia Doc

With a antique pink color, this Brut Rosé is characterized by an elegant and distinct bouquet. It offers tertiary notes of bread crust combined with delicate fruity hints (pink grapefruit) and spices. In the mouth it combines freshness and good...

1 Available format

Donnafugata Brut 2019 Vino Spumante Bianco Sicilia Doc

With its bright straw color and fine and persistent perlage, the Millesimato 2019 has a fresh bouquet with hints of citrus fruit like lemon and citron and fruity green apple notes with aromas of mint and green tea. It also...

1 Available format

B Brut Millesimato Edizione Limitata 2013 Vino Spumante Bianco Sicilia Doc

With its bright straw color, golden tints and refined perlage, it has a generous and elegant bouquet that combines aromas of white currants and white plums with herby notes of sage and rosemary, among others. It also has tertiary aromas...

1 Available format

Vigna di Gabri 2022 Sicilia Doc Bianco

Vigna di Gabri 2022 has a bright straw yellow color with reflections greenish. The bouquet is intense and complex, ranging from citrusy, green apple and peach to floral notes and pleasant nuances of aromatic herbs such as sage and thyme....

1 Available format

Chiarandà 2020 Contessa Entellina Doc Chardonnay

Straw yellow in color, it offers an intense bouquet with citrus (lemon zest) and ginger notes, floral notes of broom and elegant hints of toasted hazelnuts and vanilla given by the long aging. In the mouth it is broad and...

1 Available format

La Fuga 2022 Contessa Entellina Doc

With a bright straw yellow color, La Fuga 2022 offers a fragrant bouquet with notes of tropical fruit and citrus zest (lemon) together with delicate hints of white flowers. On the palate, it is savory and fresh thanks to a...

1 Available format

Passiperduti 2022 Sicilia Doc Grillo

Passiperduti 2022 displays a bright straw yellow color with greenish reflections. The nose is broad and deep with floral notes of lavender and broom; the bouquet is enriched with notes of tropical fruits and citrus scents (lime and candied citron).On...

1 Available format

SurSur 2022 Sicilia Doc Grillo

Brilliant straw yellow, on the nose SurSur 2022 offers a fresh bouquet with captivating notes of white-fleshed fruit (peach and cantaloupe melon) combined with scents of wildflowers and mint. The fruity notes resurface on the palate with pleasant freshness and...

1 Available format

Prio 2022 Sicilia Doc Lucido

Prio 2022 has a brilliant straw yellow color. The nose offers a fragrant bouquet with marked citrus scents of grapefruit and citron combined with flowery notes of elderflower. The palate is fresh and perfectly reflects the nose.

1 Available format

Anthìlia 2022 Sicilia Doc Bianco

Anthìlia 2022 has a yellow straw color. The nose offers a fresh and fragrant bouquet with notes of white pulp fruit (peach) combined with hints of wildflowers. In the mouth, we find the evident fruity note, refreshed by a pleasant...

1 Available format

Damarino 2022 Sicilia Doc Bianco

Damarino 2022 is the first wine in the world to use Nomacorc Ocean wine closure, produced by recycling plastic collected in coastal areas and destined to end up in the oceans. With a light straw color, Damarino combines delicate aromatic...

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