The contribution of Donnafugata to protect the oceans
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The contribution of Donnafugata to protect the oceans

Damarino, Sicilia DOC Bianco, is the first wine in the world to use Nomacorc Ocean wine closure.

Protecting the oceans, making plastic a renewable resource: Nomacorc Ocean is the first cap in the world made of recycled plastic from coastal areas.

Vinventions chose Italy for their worldwide launch and partnered with Donnafugata, a leading Italian winery: The Sicilian company, which can boast a thirty-year commitment to environmental and social sustainability, was considered the ideal partner to present Nomacorc Ocean.

Damarino, Sicilia DOC Bianco, is the first wine in the world to use a cap produced by recycling plastic collected in coastal areas, to avoid ocean pollution. Today, with Nomacorc Ocean, Vinventions takes another step forward in protecting the planet by offering a closure that contributes to the preservation of marine ecosystems, in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Numerous actions are being taken around the world to limit marine pollution, an issue of great concern. Some of these initiatives aim at blocking and recovering waste before it reaches the sea: among these is Nomacorc Ocean, which uses raw material from this waste to give it a second life, according to the principles of the circular economy. This waste is called Ocean Bound Plastic, or OBP; Plastic waste recovered in coastal regions where collection systems are insufficient or nonexistent, and where pollution risks are highest.

Vinventions and Donnafugata aim to provide their customers and the final consumer the opportunity to contribute to the oceans’ protection through their purchasing choices.


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