News In memory of Giacomo Rallo

In memory of Giacomo Rallo

From the message read by Josè Rallo during the requiem mass held to mark the first anniversary of the death of Giacomo Rallo


Dear Giacomo,
A year has gone by and you are still with us.
You are with us in the business and you are with all of your staff, who have continued to work hard over the last year, giving their utmost and feeling as if the company was their own, just as you always wanted.


We have continued along the path you traced, proud to be your children and staff, but we have also taken on some new challenges.

You left us with a rich array of gifts: courage, a smile, initiative and humanity. We will endeavour to make good use of them.


Thank you Giacomo. It has been our good fortune and an honour to undertake part of the journey with you.

You are always in our hearts.

Marsala, 10th May 2017