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Calici di Stelle 2005 at Donnafugata

Awaiting the nocturnal harvest, the great fine wine event returns: guided tours and tastings at the Donnafugata estate, to the beat of jazz and for charity.

The night of August 10 will be magical and memorable thanks to “Calici di Stelle” (“Star-Filled Goblets”), the traditional summer event staged by the Wine Tourism Movement. Beneath the rain of stars on the Night of San Lorenzo, Donnafugata will open its Contessa Entellina estate to the public for what has by now become one of the most eagerly awaited fine wine events in Italy.

The entire extended Donnafugata family is mobilized to welcome the thousand wine-lovers (foreign, too) who have chosen Sicily’s sea, wine and food for their vacation enjoyment. To slake their thirst for fine wine but also help them learn about it, the evening event has a definitely educational slant, following the route from vineyard to glass.

The first stop is in the Chardonnay vineyard “La Fuga” to show how the vines are trained (espalier), pruned (spurred cordon) and thinned so that each plant, yielding fewer clusters, can produce grapes that are extremely rich in aromas.

Harvest is almost at hand—it will be at night and is set for mid-August, about 10 days later than in drier years. Guests will have a chance to taste some grapes and appreciate their intense sweetness and great aromas.

Then it is the turn of the vinification cellar where technological innovation and human experience combine to produce a “precision enology” or extreme care for the excellent raw material that we must be able to find in the goblet when vinification is completed.

Anything that can’t be physically “touched” that evening will be shown in a short video on the significant stages of harvesting and vinification at the Donnafugata estates, both at Contessa Entellina and on Pantelleria, the island of sun and wind that is the birthplace of the raisin wine, Ben Ryé.

And—the best things come last—the tasting: of the most interesting expressions of native vines, Ansonica from the Vigna di Gabri, the Nero d’Avola of the Mille e una Notte and the Zibibbo of Ben Ryé, and of the love matches between indigenous and international vine types, such as Ansonica with Chardonnay (giving birth to Chiarandà) and Nero d’Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon (a match that yields Tancredi).

The atmosphere will be even more electrifying thanks to “Donnafugata Music & Wine Live,” the CD with a repertory ranging from jazz to Brazilian and the voice of José Rallo. The CD will be on sale for 10 euro, donated entirely to support Prof. Carlo Marcelletti’s work in helping children with heart diseases. Donnafugata has already raised more than 100,000 euros for this excellent cause, making fine wine benefit the needy.

The event is scheduled for 9 p.m. at the 60th kilometer on Highway 624 (Palermo-Sciacca). Admission is free but reservations are necessary: call the toll-free number 800 252321 or book by e-mail: [email protected].



When: Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Event: “Calici di Stelle,” the traditional Italian Wine Tourism Movement event to celebrate Bacchus and toast the falling stars on the Night of San Lorenzo.
Where: At the Donnfugata estate in the Contessa Entellina community, but attention: DO NOT follow the signs for Contessa Entellina but stay on Highway (SS) 624 Palermo-Sciacca (see “How to get to Donnafugata”). The estate is in the province of Palermo but on the border with the provinces of Agrigento and Trapani; the towns nearest Donnafugata are Santa Margherita di Belice and Sambuca di Sicilia.
How to get to Donnafugata: Donnafugata lies precisely at kilometer 60 on the highway (SS 624) from Palermo to Sciacca. Note: coming from Palermo, you will first see the winery on your left and just ahead on your right you will take the overpass to get to Donnafugata. Coming from Sciacca, the cellar will be on your right and you should proceed about 200 meters (219 yards) to the roundabout, back up and turn around so you can take the access ramp to the estate, which is on your right.
Hours: 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
The evening’s features:


1)  A visit to one of Sicily’s most beautiful and best-tended vineyards by moonlight.
2)  Guided tour of the vinification cellar and photovoltaic installation for solar energy, a renewable and non-polluting power source.
3) Video of grape harvesting and wine making at the Donnafugata estates in Contessa Entellina and on Pantelleria (duration: 11 minutes).
Tasting: There will be a special selection of Donnafugata wines for tasting during the evening.
Foods offered Bocconcini di frutta fresca e gelato e cremolate palermitane
Wine sales: Wines will not be sold at this event but can be bought at the best wine shops or the Donnafugata cellar at Via Lipari 18, Marsala.
Info-line: Would you like more information on the event, how to get to it or anything else? Call the toll-free number 800 252321. Our own numbers are 0923 724216 or 0923 724206.
If you get lost On August 10, 2005 (and that day only) you can get information on how to get to Donnafugata by calling this mobile phone number: 338 771 8805 anytime during the day or evening.
Reservations: In order to organize the evening better, we ask you to make reservations at the toll-free number 800 252321 or via e-mail a [email protected]. Just give a last name and the number of people in your group.
Where to stay? Here are some hotels and farm holiday accommodations in the area Kempinski Giardino di Costanza Resort (5 stars) – Via Salemi km 7.1 – MAZARA DEL VALLO (TP) – Ph. 0923 675 000 fax 0923 675 876 –; Hotel Paradise Beach – C.da Belice Mare – SELINUNTE-CASTELVETRANO (TP) – Ph. 0924 46333 – Fax 0924 46477, ; Tenuta Stoccatello (farm holidays) – Km 6 S.P. Menfi-Partanna – MENFI (AG) – Mobile 333 9035428 – ; Azienda Agrituristica “Baglio San Vincenzo” – C.da San Vincenzo – MENFI (AG) – Mobile 339 242 6103 – ; Azienda Agricola “Massaria Ruvettu” – C.da Cicala – SAMBUCA DI SICILIA (AG) – Ph. 0925 946059 – [email protected] ; Abbazia di Santa Maria del Bosco – C.da S. Maria del Bosco – CONTESSA ENTELLINA (PA) – Ph.  091 8351301 –; Grand Hotel delle Terme (4 stars) – Viale delle Nuove Terme, 1 – SCIACCA (AG) – Ph. 0925 23133 –
Where to eat? Here are some trattorias and restaurants in the area In Marinella di Selinunte (Castelvetrano): Lido Ristorante La Pineta – Ph. 0924 46820; in Menfi: Ristorante Il Vigneto – Via Porto Palo – Ph. 0925 71732; in Sambuca di Sicilia: Ristorante al Mulino – C.da Adragna – Ph. 0925 942477; Ristorante La Panoramica – C. da Adragna – Ph. 0925 943430; in S. Margherita Belice: Ristorante Opuntia – C.da Luni – mobile 339 2717380; in Sciacca: Hostaria del Vicolo – Vicolo Sammaritano 10 – Ph. 0925 23071; Ristorante Le Gourmet – Via Monte Kronio 7 – Ph. 0925 26460; Ristorante Porto S. Paolo – Largo S. Paolo 7 – Ph. 0925 27982; Ristorante La Lampara –  Vicolo Grande II Caricatore 33 – Ph. 0925 85085.

on Sicily:

The Sicilian researcvh engine:; Sicily Region:; Vacations in Sicily : ; Palermo Province Tourism Board: .




Public Relations:

Baldo M. Palermo [email protected] tel. 0039 0923 7242267

Laura Ellwanger [email protected] te. 0039 0923 724258

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