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Calici di Stelle 2015 at Donnafugata

Wine and dance kermis, to music of the Mediterranean chosen by Giovanni Sollima.

August 10 is Calici di Stelle (Goblets of Stars), the big summer appointment promoted by the Wine Tourism Movement. For this edition Donnafugata has decided to amaze by proposing an evening during which wine meets music and dance, arts that arouse great emotions through a universal language, the fruit of passion, care and creativity.

The night of San Lorenzo, at the Contessa Entellina estate (km 60 S.S.624 Palermo-Sciacca), will be a night of pure magic: an appointment that has been attracting thousands of people for years and that is the clou event for those who wish to “Visit Donnafugata”.

The collaboration between Donnafugata and the composer and violoncellist Giovanni Sollima makes this edition a unique event. The grand maestro has, in fact, been entrusted with the creation of a special “soundtrack” – the fruit of a reconnaissance, personal and intimate, carried out by the Sicilian musician of the extraordinary repertoire of the music of Mediterranean countries. An original and engaging carpet of sound that crosses space and time, with pieces ranging from classical music to local ancient music, and rock.

Sollima’s music collection will resonate through the night of Calici di Stelle, accompanying choreography by Elisa Ilari, Officina Tersicore, and will intertwine with the wine lovers’ tour route in surprising multi-sensory suggestions.

The tour will begin in the vineyard of La Fuga Chardonnay where, on 3 August, the Donnafugata nighttime harvest started. In the vineyard, music and dance will pay homage to the vine and the harvest – among the oldest symbols of the Mediterranean culture, with a journey to the notes of the clarinettist Krakauer and Enrico Melozzi’s Grand Waltz.

Then it will pass the vinification cellar and lead to the garden, after having gone through a sight and sound installation dedicated to the fluctuating sonority of the music of Mediterranean peoples.

In the garden you can taste all the company’s wines and a selection of historic vintages, no longer on the market, of Donnafugata top wines: Chiarandà, Vigna di Gabri, Mille e una Notte and Ben Ryé Passito di Pantelleria. Of the latter, icon of Italian wine, there will also be the tasting of the Limited Edition 2008 vintage with which the company celebrated their 20 harvests on the island of sun and wind.

Then the choreography will culminate in the olive grove, in the representation of the four natural elements – water, air, earth, fire – and wine, the protagonist of the convivio, to the tunes of Giovanni Sollima, Philip Glass and Luigi Boccherini.


Lastly Calici di Stelle is becoming more digital and it will be possible to follow the event on Twitter and, for the first time Periscope: through the profile @Donnafugatawine users can experience the magic of the night of San Lorenzo through the screen on their smartphones, an unmissable opportunity for

Like every year the account of the evening will be entrusted to the visitors, the true protagonists of Calici di Stelle at Donnafugata who, by using the hashtag #Donnafugatatime, can share the images of the event on the major social networks: the tagged photos will be visible on the dedicated Facebook tab.

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