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Donnafugata at MiWine

A new challenge in tackling the most demanding markets.

Giacomo Rallo “At MiWine, we’ll map out a world strategy for Italian premium wines. Territory and more communications to win the battle with competing countries.”


Quality, territory and communications. In going to the MiWine exposition in Milan, Donnafugata is counting on those three elements in defining the profile of a leading producer that is always alert to changes in the market. It is a strategy that harmonizes with the spirit of the first professional fair dedicated entirely to wine to be staged in Milan at the behest of Unione Italiana Vini.

The Sicilian wine house is presenting “Journey to Donnafugata” (special tastings blending wine and music that are discussed in the attached press release) at MiWine. And it will also show its entire array of wines to call attention to the goals it has reached under the banner of Extreme Quality. The wines range from the whites and reds produced on the Contessa Entellina estate to the naturally sweet products of Pantelleria.

Year after year, the market has constantly rewarded Donnafugata for its qualitative evolution and confirmed the importance of one of the Sicilian house’s golden rules: quality has no finish line; it is always possible to do better. However, quality must always be combined with the territory, for it gives wine its identity. It also requires coherence in communications to assure the added value of image that creates trends among consumers and orients retailers.

It is a formula that helps explain the importance of the insertion of MiWine in the calendar of Italian trade shows. According to Giacomo Rallo, “The hope is that MiWine will help producers in interpreting the market at an important point in its evolution and in understanding in economic and other terms the most significant trends, which will determine the future of this strategic sector of our country’s economy. We hope, above all, that MiWine will represent a sign of maturity in that part of the wine sector that thinks, invests and does. In Milan, then, to speak to the world in a context of services and infrastructure that are among the most advanced in Europe.

“The market today increasingly requires close and exclusive attention. As I conceive it, MiWine will be highly suited to the practices of foreign professionals, who will receive all the attention they deserve in ideal conditions, especially during the tasting of the wines. It is the most important moment for learning about an estate and evaluating its products. Assistance and services require professionalism, dedication and absolute attention, all of which MiWine can guarantee. Once the formula has been tested, the next step must be that of a traveling MiWine, an exposition that can be staged in the world’s most important markets.”

There’s talk of a crisis of Italian wines and of unjustified price increases. What is the producers’ response to this new challenge?” “There’s only one response: higher quality in the glass, more emphasis on the territory in terms of identity and characterization and more communications capable of satisfying the thirst for knowledge displayed by the final consumer. As to prices, I’ll say only that, in the long run, the market will render justice, rewarding those who have chosen quality and punishing those who on prices have secured unjustified margins. I am convinced that the well-informed consumer knows how to evaluate the price/quality ratio.”




Public Relations:

Baldo M. Palermo [email protected] tel. 0039 0923 7242267

Laura Ellwanger [email protected] te. 0039 0923 724258

  • Com-St-04-06-10-Miwine-ENG.pdf
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