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Donnafugata for Aquazur: “Mediterranean seduction.”

The wines of Donnafugata in combination with the creations of Corrado Assenza to celebrate the birth of Aquazur.

Wines and perfumes to treat the five senses to a seductive experience and mark the debut of Aquazur, the new fragrance by Lancaster. On April 29 at the Spazio SarpiSei in Milan, Corrado Assenza, an authoritative exponent of the Sicilian wine/food culture and pastry chef at his Caffè Sicilia at Noto, will present a prodigious menu to complement some of the great wines of the Donnafugata estate.

It is a feast for the senses in a Mediterranean key that underlines the intimacy of the appeal of a civilization that attributes a central position to the rapport between man and nature. It is a leitmotif associated with Assenza’s research and daily labor, testimony arising from a land that is a crossroads of different cultures between East and West.

In Donnafugata’s production philosophy, wine is the fruit of the best synthesis of the values of a territory. The house is committed to attaining, day after day and in vineyard as in winery, that level of excellence that has been identified as “Extreme Quality”

“Olfactory assessment is fundamental for foods and wines,” observed José Rallo of Donnafugata, “and Corrado Assenza is truly a refined and knowledgeable expert. We welcomed with great pleasure his invitation on behalf of Lancaster’s Aquazur to participate in this program. We have found in this event the sign of an elegance and a fantasy that is now identified with the more evolved parts of Sicily.”

The basic idea is intriguing. Aromas are an essential and decisive part of the recognition of a wine of fine quality, for it identifies the variety and the character of the terroir. The Sicilian countryside is prodigious. Nature on this island is baroque; it expresses power, warmth and luminosity, exuberant characteristics that Donnafugata with its wines succeeds in capturing and passing along to connoisseurs.

The selection was extremely satisfying. The surprising Lighea 2003, based on Ansonica, an aromatic variety, is put to the test with a delicate synthesis formulated in accordance with the fragrance of Aquazur, a duet consisting of marine and terrestrial, sapid and sweet sensations.

The most aristocratic of the Donnafugata whites is Chiarandà del Merlo 2001, a wine with a complex, flowery and mineral bouquet that combines Chardonnay (harvested only at night) with Ansonica. It is consumed with dishes in which the perception of the aromas becomes essential: soft and aged cheeses in combination with the floral sweetness of pink grapefruit and extra virgin oils flavored with roses, saffron and marine delicacies.

The menu concludes with Ben Ryé 2002, made from Zibibbo grapes. This Passito (raisin wine) di Pantelleria has become a legend in the world wine sector because of its elegance and the complexity of its aromas, which range from notes of apricots and peaches to those of dried figs and honey. Assenza combined with this highly personal, naturally sweet wine a specially created dessert that blends ingredients, scents and flavors that are unmistakably Mediterranean.




Public Relations:

Baldo M. Palermo [email protected] tel. 0039 0923 7242267

Laura Ellwanger [email protected] te. 0039 0923 724258

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