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Donnafugata Revolutionizes its website

New technology, interactivity, previously unreleased contents, easy use: these are the ingredients of the Sicilian winery’s new website aligned also for visualization via smart phone and tablets.

Restyling and looking ahead, the focus on attracting thousands of new visitors. In April 2011 Donnafugata greets surfers in a whole new guise: more refined, immediate and appealing, in content as much as layout. But the real revolution lies in the basic technology, language and web marketing strategies aiming at maximum visibility for on the net.

Strengths. The new technology makes it possible to optimize site content indexing on the major research engines in order to be easily found by anyone interested in the premium wine world. Visitors will also be given the chance to share “favorite” content on social networks, generating word of mouth-advertising that can multiply the site’s credibility and popularity. Technology, web marketing and interactivity are the keys to success of a brand that counts on sharing its “premium wine lifestyle”.

From the graphics standpoint, the new site creates a very effective balance between the warmth of the brand and a streamlined look, in line with the latest developments in web design. A clear, airy and luminous site, in pure Donnafugata style, intriguing to learn more even in people not professionally involved in the wine world and suggesting innumerable routes and approaches to wine. The site opens with a puzzle of Mediterranean colors taken from the artistic labels distinguishing Donnafugata wines; from the center of the homepage one can easily scroll the whole product range, followed by the news, the events calendar and the store locator supported by Google maps and lots of other new features.

Considering that people are always more likely to share their individual experience on the web, the interactive section “Dedication of heart” reveals the most prestigious comments and memories consumers have about Donnafugata wines. And since making wine is a question of “feeling”, in the “Food & Wine” section as well you can post your “best-loved” recipe in a match with your Donnafugata wine of choice.

Also new are the “Tastings to Jazz” videos that José Rallo has recorded expressly for the new site. Mini-clips lasting just over a minute for “virtual” wine tastings accompanied by the vocal and rhythms of a musical piece describing wine characteristics. A jazz ballad for Mille e una Notte, a bossa nova for Chiarandà, a samba for Ben Ryé. The sound is new too: José Rallo’s vocals are accompanied by cello and clarinet.

Brandnew contents. The section, “Enjoy Wine” offers surfers different approaches: food, art, music, itineraries through a secret Sicily… each of these sub-sections offers exciting combinations with wine: choosing a recipe, listening to a piece of music or strolling through the inland of Pantelleria become occasions for discovering, tasting, really experiencing each of Donnafugata’s wines.

Surprise and fun in the “Our products” section where the traditional search mode is reversed: instead of expecting users to read the technical descriptions of every product to find the one they’re most interested in, a set of filters helps to find the right product among all Donnafugata wines: “wine-drinking occasions”, “pairings with food”, “type/structure”, “bouquets”. You’ll be able to find the right wine for an “aperitif with friends” as well as for “a tasteful gift”.

Finally, a website full of photo galleries, video galleries, music in streaming and other multimedia content documenting and letting users experience winery life. And you’ll still be finding the “Download” section offering a host of materials useful in getting to know the winery and talking about wine (labels, technical sheets, pictures, presentations, …)

Josè Rallo commenting on the new website: “In an interactive world where the social network gains continuously in credibility there’s no longer room for the so-called ‘traditional’ sites, but instead you have to seize the liking and trust of the visitors. Donnafugata revolutionizes its language and presents a site rich in interactivity, new content as well as fun and informal approaches to premium wine. A simple message offering wine lovers the possibility to learn more about what they’re most interested in: food, art, travelling, tasting occasions, music, … the menu bar (links, buttons, services,…) allows the visitor to find easily and fast the “technical” information he needs for a professional wine tasting!!”

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Enjoy Wine

Our products Donnafugata News & Press
Food & Wine

Art & Wine

Music & Wine

Secret Sicily

Visit Donnafugata

Dedication of heart


White wines

Red wines

Naturally sweet wines

Grappa and olive oil

Ratings and guides


Store locator


The Donnafugata name

Vineyards and cellars


Culture and solidarity

Amazing facts and figures


Press releases

Events calendar

Press review

Journalist accreditation

High-resolution photos



Gems and items of interest

Gaia Web Agency staff involved: 16 people (Marco (jr and sr), Elena, Simone, Luca, Federica, Daniele, Mauro, Ugo, Francesca, Guido, Yurly, Andriy, Amedeo, Beppe, Giulio)

Number of e-mails exchanged on the Donnafugata project: about 1,600

Number of tasks the development team performed for the Donnafugata project: 276

Number of intermediate versions of the homepage before the FC (final candidate) was chosen: 18

Hits while work was in progress: 100,000

Hardest graphic work to create: dried fig icon

Number of recipes on the site: 101

Number of press releases: 111

Number of articles in the Press Review: 504

Number of photographs shown: 240, divided into 18 photo galleries

Length of the videos shown: 155’, 75” divided into 60 videos

Number of site pages: more than 1,000, Italian and English

Site content size: about 2 GB (excluding videos and gallery shots)


Public Relations:

Baldo M. Palermo [email protected] tel. 0039 0923 7242267

Laura Ellwanger [email protected] te. 0039 0923 724258

  • Com_St_2011_04_02_NuovoSitoWeb_ENG.pdf
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