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Floramundi #INSOLITOROSSO (unusual red),  the Donnafugata Cerasuolo di Vittoria

Unusual red, this is the concept with which Donnafugata wants to propose its Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Floramundi, that the winery has been producing since 2016 in Acate, land of vineyards between the Hyblean plateau and the sea. A refined wine, with a flowery soul, whose fragrance and great cleanliness suggest an innovative way of drinking, experimenting new pairings and serving temperature.

#UNUSUALRED is therefore the hashtag with which Donnafugata has launched a program of tastings in wine bars and restaurants in Italy, the United States and Germany, in which Floramundi is served cool at 15° C, not only as an extremely pleasant glass of wine for the aperitivo, but also to accompany different fish preparations.

From Palermo to Brescia, from Catania to Florence, from New York to Berlin, many #UNUSUALRED evenings have already been successfully organized, and many others will follow during the year. Donnafugata thus puts on the table a young red, perfumed and not too tannic, whose freshness and softness make it extremely eclectic and pleasant.

Floramundi is the fruit of the Donnafugata project in eastern Sicily, where the company has committed itself since the 2016 harvest, on Etna and in the Vittoria area with the production of the Frappato DOC and the prestigious Cerasuolo DOCG, to propose the excellence of Sicilian wine from territories different from the historic production locations in Contessa Entellina and on Pantelleria.

Produced from Nero d’Avola and Frappato, Floramundi represents a precious small production that perfectly reflects the craftsmanship of Donnafugata; in the winery’s collections, Floramundi is among the Impressions of Territory wines, to drink when you desire wonder and to find in the glass a territory and its traditional grape varieties.

The illustration that gives rise to the Floramundi label is by Stefano Vitale: the protagonist is a fantastic figure of a woman who is giving the gift of wonderful interlacements of flowers and fruits with velvety tones. It is a dialogue between two souls, the elegant and sophisticated one of Floral Liberty, of which Vittoria is rich in testimonies, and the fascinating and suggestive one of the tradition of the Sicilian Puppets.

A wine that already at Donnafugata was greeted by the good wishes of an exceptional patroness, Carla Fracci, a universally recognized testimonial of elegance. After literature, illustrations and music, thanks to Fracci, it was dance’s turn to write a new page of the “Art and Wine” dialogue that characterizes the winery’s communication.

Marsala, 5 April 2019


PUBLIC RELATIONS                     Baldo M. Palermo [email protected] Tel. +39 0923 724226

Laura Ellwanger [email protected] Tel. +39 0923 724226


PRESS OFFICE                               Nando Calaciura [email protected] cell. +39 338 3229837

  • Floramundi #INSOLITOROSSO
  • Floramundi #INSOLITOROSSO
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  • Com_St_2018_04_14_Floramundi_Lifestyle_phB_Pilotto.jpg
  • Com_St_2018_04_14_Fracci-a-Donnafugata_phP_FARINA.jpg
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