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Inspiring Sicily

A new art video on Donnafugata’s production universe.

Art, music and wine to celebrate the terroirs in which the winery operates.

The video maker Virginia Taroni has created another pearl of Donnafugata’s visual communication, combining video footage and animated illustrations in a montage punctuated by the music of an original “Sicilian samba”.

Donnafugata’s Sicily is always finding new ways to tell its story, drawing on languages and communication techniques that aim to assert an identity style in wine communication. Donnafugata’s communication – famous throughout the world for its signature labels – is intended to be unusual and effective, distinctive and valuable, faithful to its roots yet capable of developing new content using the universal language of art and music.

These are all elements that we find in the new corporate video presenting the winery, full of countless influences: there is theatre that becomes a fairy tale, with characters and figures that accompany the viewer on a “voyage of discovery” of Sicily, in the real places of Donnafugata’s production life.

Landscapes of vineyards bathed in Mediterranean light, clouds ringing the summit of the volcano, the extraordinary nature of a garden land: these are beautiful sequences and also an emotional tribute to this dream Sicily, as imaginative as it is vital, because it is authentic and truly experienced.

A narrative flow of female figures, fantastic creatures that inhabit the universe of Donnafugata labels, masterfully drawn by Stefano Vitale – the artist-illustrator who has been working with the Rallo family for more than twenty years – the incipit that introduces, each time, a new exhibition picture, an emotion, a memory of the heart.

The artistic intervention of animation is ever more present,  brought about by Virginia Taroni, a leading videomaker in Milan who, also in this authorial work, develops her potential with an overall vision never previously achieved. “An exciting project that represents the culmination of a long collaboration with the company’s team,” says Virginia Taroni. “I had been looking for a long time for the right opportunity to unite, in a single animation, the entire Olympus of Stefano Vitale’s mythological ‘Donnafugate’, a constant source of inspiration for me”.

An emotional and seductive video that will reveal the scents, sensations and images of a generous, sunny land, made up of love and passion for wine, through the cheerful and carefree notes of an unusual ‘Sicilian Samba’ – the video’s soundtrack – entrusted to the voice of a genial Josè Rallo, performing a song taken from her third album in the Donnafugata Music&Wine collection, soon to be released.

“A piece from the heart that allowed me, for the first time, to sing in Sicilian,” says Josè Rallo, who owns the company with her brother Antonio. “A hymn to love, to Sicily, a hymn to time that must be slow and attentive to every detail, as happens in the craftsmanship of Donnafugata.”

Donnafugata and Virginia Taroni, in three years, have experimented a lot, and produced several audiovisual contents in which animation and reference to the company’s iconography are central to the brand’s message. A path of collaboration, which began in 2018 with the ‘Inseguendo Donnafugata’ exhibition held at Villa Necchi Campiglio with the FAI, then continued with a series of “small works” dedicated to the most prestigious wines and labels and which, today, is enriched by this further artistic project.

“This new video,” says Antonio Rallo, winemaker of the family business, “has succeeded in a few minutes in giving a complete overview of what Donnafugata is today, from the historic cellars in Marsala to the estates we have in Sicily where our small, prestigious productions are born: Contessa Entellina, Pantelleria, Etna and Vittoria. A video that, thanks to its universal language, will be able to transmit Donnafugata’s values of craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail all over the world”.

The corporate video, which can viewed on Donnafugata’s YouTube channel, will be conveyed through newsletters to fans, on the company’s main social channels, and will be welcomed on the homepage of Donnafugata’s website:


Marsala, March 2021


Donnafugata Press Office:

Nando Calaciura [email protected] cell. 338 3229837

Donnafugata Public Relations:

Baldo M. Palermo [email protected] tel. 0923 724226

Anna Ruini [email protected] tel. 0923 724 227

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