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Letter from Enzo Bianchi


To Gabriella, Antonio and José Rallo

Dearly beloved,

at this time of Giacomo crossing over from this world to the Father, I am writing to you, and to all those who knew and loved him. First of all, I’d like to tell you my emotion, fraternal feelings overlapping in my heart and mind.

Unfortunately, I cannot be present at funeral liturgy as I would have wished, but I really feel among you: a great friendship has bound us together for years! I am present with you, with my heart, certain that Giacomo, brother and friend, is already in the arms of God, in endless peace.

Friendship with Giacomo is something deep and intense, like his person, blessed with great inner strength and relationship. Brave man, man of vision, strong man, he carried these features in everything he experienced, with a rare attention to details, to people right in his vicinity and at the same time to the widest horizons. In fact, he passed quite naturally from small to large, from simple to complex.

I was always very impressed by his ability to create authentic and true relationships with everyone, regardless of their condition, understanding other people’s situations, the wisdom of his advices, the readiness of his insight, confidentiality, respect and sympathy towards human situations. A man of vision and at the same time of extraordinary adherence to reality and practicality, he was at ease in the most innovative and future themes, as in those of the tradition of his beloved land. Despite having strong communicative potential I think his listening and silences were even more significant.

In his inner, secret sanctuary dwelt – and I must bear my testimony to this – his life of faith and prayer, as discreet as it was profound. I sharply perceived it on the occasion of our pilgrimage to the Holy Land, in the footsteps of the Lord, but it was a dimension that always accompanied him and permeated his gaze towards people and things.

He was very attached to our community, he came back with delight, he was able to grasp the more everyday aspects, he moved around our rooms, workshops, orchards and gardens, perfectly at ease, and had created friendships with various brothers and sisters of Bose.

I confess that he repeatedly asked to speak to me personally and our talk left me feeling changed by the quality of the concerns that dwelt in his heart, never self-referential and always inspired by a desire for good, for a beautiful and happy life for others. The last time he came to Bose, not long ago, he asked to talk to me alone and he confided me his personal thoughts that made me feel his greatness as a believer and as a just man, husband, father and grandfather.

Giacomo is a great gift for everyone. The love relationships he experienced will not be lost and at this time we give thanks to the Lord. I ask him that he may continue to accompany us through prayer, certain that he will be alive forever, and is now more than ever at our side. With the brothers and sisters of the community I embrace you fraternally, especially Gabriella, a wonderful woman, Giacomo’s inspirer: rely on our faithful friendship!

With deep and true affection.


            Enzo Bianchi, prior of Bose, with the brothers and sisters of the community 

Bose, 10 May 2016


  • Enzo-Bianchi-per-GiacomoRallo-ENG.pdf
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