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The new Donnafugata packs for the toast of the festivities

Very colorful packaging to dream of the scents of Sicily, dedicated themes, selections of unobtainable vintages: Donnafugata delights the most demanding wine lovers with an innovative line of unique and surprising gift packs.


For the Christmas festivities just round the corner, Donnafugata has reserved for lovers of quality wine a surprising line of gift packs, characterized by Sicilian colors and scents, as well as its prestigious signature labels.

Innovative packs from the aesthetic point of view, for the technical solutions and themes narrated: a colorful collection for giving good wine to friends and for sharing it with your loved ones.

Packaging with a refined design and evocative name such as “Twin Set”, the handy 2 bottle pack that matches the Grillo SURSUR with Nero d’Avola SHERAZADE. And “Gli Autoctoni” (The Autochthonous), a very colorful 3 bottle pack that proposes – in addition to Grillo and Nero d’Avola – also the Zibibbo LIGHEA.

A Tu per Tu” designed for drinking a toast together with a loved one because, besides the wine, Donnafugata has thought of everything by including two tasting glasses in the pack.

Sweet Pochette” is instead the name of the innovative packaging that, with a glance into the female world, reproduces the sought-after accessory; a cardboard “handbag” perfect for keeping and carrying 2 undoubtedly “sweet” bottles, the prestigious BEN RYÉ Passito and KABIR Moscato di Pantelleria.

The line “Le Selezioni” (The Selections) presents 4 bottle wooden boxes, one with the top of the production called “I MAGNIFICI QUATTRO” (THE MAGNIFICENT FOUR), containing Chiarandà, Tancredi, Mille e una Notte and Ben Ryé, and the other “IL GATTOPARDO” (THE LEOPARD) with the wines whose names and labels recall the characters and places of the famous novel, Sedàra, Angheli, Tancredi, Mille e una Notte.

Donnafugata has created “Le Verticali” (The Verticals) of the top wines, chosen from among the great vintages of wines to collect, such as Vigna di Gabri, Chiarandà, Tancredi and Mille e una Notte. Unique wines preserved in wooden boxes with rosé, green, red and night blue hues, that draw on the colors of the historic and prestigious labels.

For drinking a toast the Occasioni Speciali (Special Occasions) choice is very wide: for those wanting big emotions, also in the format, you can choose between Tancredi and Mille e una Notte, from the Magnum (1.5 liters) to the Salomon (18 liters), passing the Jeroboam, Mathusalem and Balthazar.

And dulcis in fundo, the Limited Edition BEN RYÉ, the Passito di Pantelleria icon of Italian enology in the world. It is a 2008, preserved in the Donnafugata cellars in order that it could give even more amazing  complexity and richness of nuances.

“As always the end of year festivities are occasions for gathering around banquets and sharing the pleasure of exchanging gifts and lots of reciprocal attention – Josè Rallo says – and wine is certainly protagonist of all these moments. To make Christmas a special occasion, we have designed very colorful and innovative packaging, for the most demanding wine lovers who are looking for the good, the beautiful, and unique emotions in wine.”

Public Relations:

Baldo M. Palermo [email protected] tel. 0039 0923 7242267

Laura Ellwanger [email protected] te. 0039 0923 724258


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