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Vinitaly 2016: Donnafugata’s position within the markets

The tailored approach has been well received by the markets.Domestic sales in Italy are growing and the export market is holding steady with good performance in Germany, the USA and Canada.Top of the range wines are leading an increase in turnover in the catering sector.

After ending 2015 with an 8% increase in overall turnover, Donnafugata arrives at Vinitaly with an overall outlook for 2016 that is more than positive. The first few months have seen sales more or less in line with the previous year, with a number of features that are quite considerable for a winery focused on quality and looking to represent Made-In-Italy excellence.

The most encouraging data for the Sicilian wine estate is that sales are growing in value thanks to an increase in the average price per bottle:  fans of the Donnafugata brand – in restaurants or wine bars and shops – mainly choose wines at the top of the range, which has now been divided into four new collections.

Leading the way are the two iconic wines, Ben Ryé and Mille e Una Notte, with “Reserve” bottles produced from past vintages – recently released on the market in special packaging – contributing to increase the revenue. This trend has also been evident for some of the other labels, such as Tancredi and Chiarandà from the “Mediterranean Elegance” collection, especially in off-premise. From the “Versatile Rich of character” collection, Lighea and Angheli are also on the up, with an overall growth in both the catering sector and specialised off-licence stores. The highest growth seen in the fresh and fruity wines is Lumera – Donnafugata’s rosé – thanks to increased consumption in wine bars.

“With thirty editions of Vinitaly behind us – declares José Rallo, who runs Donnafugata together with her brother Antonio – interaction with thousands of wine lovers and operators within the industry has enabled us to form an idea about why people like our wines so much. With respect for the environment (we do not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides), we produce a range of eclectic and consistent wines, representative of an innovative Sicily. That is why consumers who choose our wine, do so safe in the knowledge that they have chosen a high quality, sustainable and memorable wine; such consumers are also swayed by the beauty of the labels, the reliability of the brand and the passion that distinguishes everything we do. It is an enormous responsibility and we do our utmost to live up to the task every day.”

Such appreciation is also echoed in the more evolved export markets, which are used to assessing the value of the finest wines with regard to their oenological merits and identity; the Sicilian winery exports to more than 60 countries, of which Germany, the USA and Canada are the markets that have shown the greatest growth in 2015. “Donnafugata continues to be competitive in these markets – observes Antonio Rallo,the wine maker of the family-run company – growing above all in value with our average prices reaching a significant level; we see this as recognition of our tailored approach, which has improved Donnafugata’s quality over time and produced wines capable of satisfying and pleasing all who taste them.”

Baldo M. Palermo
[email protected]  phone +39 0923 724226
Laura Ellwanger: [email protected] phone. +39 0923 724258

Nando Calaciura
[email protected]  mob. +39 338 3229837

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