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Vinitaly: Donnafugata’s new vintages

In Verona the Sicilian company is presenting a range of new vintages – from 2003 to 2005 – that reflect the important goals set by the “Extreme Quality” project. We look forward to meet you on Pavillon 2, Stand 187H / 199I.


The 2005 Vintage. Unlike other dry years, 2005 was cool and rainy, delaying grape ripening.

Harvesting began at the Donnafugata estate at Contessa Entellina on August 16, with night harvesting white grapes, which are expected to yield highly scented white wines.

There are excellent forecasts for the reds, since the early-September rains aided the balance between sugars and polyphenols.

On Pantelleria, Zibibbo harvesting began on August 16 in the zones of earlier ripening, like “Martingana” and “Dietro l’Isola”. Despite some rainfall early in September, alcohol content is good and aromas are full and intense.

There are all the premises for an excellent year featuring elegance. Assovini Sicily during Sicilia en Primeur rated the 2005 vintage as being  a memorable grape harvest, the best in the last 30 years.

The 2005 Anthìlia has a remarkably broad aromatic spectrum characterized by nice complexity. Perfect Ansonica and Catarratto grape ripening led to excellent sapidity and mellowness, with extremely pleasant notes of exotic fruit. Year after year a Donnafugata classic, always able to surprise.

Fine, elegant and complex: this is the result of the blend of Zibibbo (from Pantelleria), Ansonica and Catarratto (from Contessa Entellina) that went into the 2005 Lighea. Great attention to ripening periods and more accentuated “élevage sur lies” are the secrets behind the outstanding persistence and aromatic personality of this delightfully Mediterranean wine.

The Chardonnay’s maturation started during the second half of August and in some vineyards has been obtained in small areas thru the 3-4 warm days during the end of July. The technical staff has gradually chosen which grapes to harvest by selecting the levels of technical and aromatic maturation. The result is that the acidity of La Fuga 2005 is equal last years and the pH is slightly higher. The result is in the softness and minerality of this wine with very present notes of tropical fruit, in particular pineapple. 2005 will surely be one of the best vintages of La Fuga.

“Gabri”, Gabriella Rallo, more than 20 years ago, already believed that Ansonica, a little valued native variety, could give life to wines of particular fineness. It was therefore necessary to reduce the yields per plant and to acquire excellence in the vinification of this vareity. Vigna di Gabri is born out of this philosophy of an ambitious Ansonica. With the 2005 vintage, a true five star vintage, the “Vigna di Gabri” is as if it expressed its feminine spirit emphasized by a new pink capsule. Fermented in steel, with less malolactic fermentation than the previous vintage, matured sur lies and thereafter 10% of the wine is matured in 22 different types of French oak barriques (different tonnelleries, grains, methods and toastings), Vigna Di Gabri 2005 is delicate, fine and has a very elegant amplitude. A wine that Gabriella can be very proud of.

The 2004 Vintage. Both at Contessa Entellina and on Pantelleria the season began late, with an very rainy winter and spring. The summer temperatures were cooler than average. Weather of this type delayed the growing cycle in the vineyard by 15 to 20 days, leading to a slow and even ripening of the grapes.

This enhanced the sugar-acid balance as well as the aromatic maturation.
2004 will be remembered for the elegance and finesse rather than the potency of its wines.

After an extremely rainy winter and spring and an unusually mild summer, the 2004 vintage enhanced the fruity component of the Nero d’Avola from which Sedàra is made. With 70% of it aged in glass-lined cement tanks and only 30% in second-passage oak, this 2004 Sedàra is particularly refined and clean to the nose. On the palate, the initial impact reveals a good tannic structure that afterward shades into a delightfully pleasant mellowness with an extremely clean finish.

The 2004 vintage registered a rainier winter and spring than the average in Sicily and a summer with mild temperatures. This enhanced the aromatic finesse of the Zibibbo grape from which Kabir is made. A bit less structured than the 2003, the 2004 Kabir has a broader bouquet that varies from citrus notes to scents of flowers and honey. It is extremely enjoyable and versatile as an accompanying wine (whether as an aperitif or a dessert wine). Is also recommended as a fine sipping wine.

To the many acclaimations Ben Ryé has received, a recent addition was that of “perfect wine,” that is, able to reap the maximum consensus from both a jury of expert tasters and a panel of ordinary wine-lovers: little miracles to which Ben Ryé has accustomed us. And in the 2004 vintage this “child of sun and wind” certainly shows a further step ahead in its qualitative definition. To its proverbial balance of alcohol, sugar and acid, the 2004 Ben Ryé adds unprecedented depth and finesse. With good concentration and extraordinary elegance—the result of a cooler year—this wine offers a kaleidoscope of infinite nuances, especially fruity (fresh fruit and dried), that shade into delicate notes of jam. A complexity and appeal truly hard not to fall in love with.

2003 Vintage. After 3 years of drought, the 2002-2003 winter provided Sicily average rainfall for the island. This enabled the soil to replenish its water reserves, fundamental for the vineyard right from the first stages of development, such as budding and flowering, which took place in the best possible way. The whites and reds achieved a fine balance of body, aroma, freshness and mellowness.

This was an excellent year for Moscato Kabir and Passito Ben Ryé; structured wines with great sugar-acid balance and extraordinary aromatic content.

The 2003 wines will be admired for their “elegance.”

The harvest in 2003 yielded perfectly ripe grapes and we strove to preserve their soundness in the Chiarandà. Of fundamental importance in this wine’s enhancement was use of 12 different types of French oak. And so the 2003 Chiarandà has great finesse marked by fresh notes of white pulp perfectly blended with a sweet floral component and a touch of vanilla-flavored tobacco. A wine of rare complexity, with highly promising potential for development.

A rainy fall and winter, a hot (but not too hot) spring and summer were the secrets of a highly favorable year that yielded perfectly ripe Merlot and Nero d’Avola grapes from which Angheli is made. Aged in woods expressly selected for specific grape characteristics, the 2003 Angheli is striking for its consistent structure, sweet tannins and outstanding content of extremely durable fruit.

Tancredi 2003 is the result of meticulous vineyard management, from winter pruning through the close watch kept on the ripening of the grapes. After harvesting the grapes at the ideal time, subsequent cellar work concentrated on expressing the potential of the Nero d’Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon. Maturation in oak enabled the wine to enhance its varietal aromas with balsamic touches and delicately spicy notes. A red with great structure and finesse.

After a dry 2002, a much rainier 2003 definitely helped sugar and phenol maturation in the Nero d’Avola grapes. Warm days and cool nights at Contessa Entellina led to extraordinary elegance. In the cellar, once malolactic fermentation was completed, the wine was put into barriques of 14 different types of French oak. In Bordeaux style, maturation included keeping the wine on its lees until the initial decanting. Voluminous, potent and highly refined, the 2003 Mille e una Notte has extremely particular notes of ripe red fruit, licorice and chocolate.

We look forward to meeting you at the Donnafugata Booth (pad. 2, n. 187H/199I), one of the most crowded booths of the entire Fair, to feel the emotions that these wines can give.




Baldo M. Palermo [email protected]  phone +39 0923 724226

Laura Ellwanger: [email protected] phone. +39 0923 724258

Nando Calaciura [email protected]  mob. +39 338 3229837

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