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Visit Donnafugata

A development project for the culture of wine through reception at cellar doors

In the ’90s Donnafugata has opened its cellars to wine enthusiasts, to share and spread the culture of wine. About 12.000 the number of visitors per year with a 30% share of foreigners thanks to the continuous renewal of the welcoming project at the winery and during the events: Donnafugata focuses on the education of the wine lovers through a sensory and emotive involvement.

Visit and Tasting

Donnafugata welcomes the curious and enthusiasts throughout the year to make the winery and its wines known through various types of tastings: a tailored approach that aims at satisfying the needs of the ever more sophisticated visitor. Expert guides dedicate themselves to a limited number of visitors for offering a profound visit experience of the cellars and production techniques. Carefully chosen are the wine-food pairings, suggestive and functional are the places where the tastings are held.

At the Marsala cellar the visitor can choose from 6 different tasting journeys, which vary depending on the number of wines tasted and their possible pairing with typical Sicilian food or delicious specialties of the Mediterranean cuisine. There is a high demand for the tastings “Sicilia da bere” offering different territories and  “Icon Wines” tasting that propose the tasting of historic vintages of the red Mille e una Notte and Ben Ryé Passito di Pantelleria.

On Pantelleria, Donnafugata welcomes visitors during the summer months at the winery which is located in the Khamma district. After the visit of the vineyard the visitor can choose from 4 different tasting journeys, some matching the wines with the typical cuisine of Pantelleria, such as, for example, Lighea accompanied by potatoes and caper focaccia or Ben Ryé paired with pasticciotto pantesco.

Donnafugata has a website entirely dedicated to hospitality: is a space online where the user can find all the information regarding visits in the cellars and events, as well as recommendations for exploring the territory of Western Sicily where the company cellars are located. The website is also usable from mobile devices allowing thus to book the visit easily.

Events at Donnafugata

The two annual appointments of Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars), the last Sunday of May in Marsala, and Calici di Stelle (Goblets of Stars), August 10th at the Contessa Entellina estate, have become a must for wine lovers and they record about 2,000 visitors. The leitmotiv of the events is edutainment (educational entertainment): from the grape tasting in the vineyard during Calici di Stelle, a moment usually reserved for agronomists and enologists to the blind tasting of Cantine Aperte, the aim is to create activities with high sensory involvement through education.


Public Relations

Baldo M. Palermo              [email protected]     mob. +39 348 2561221

Laura Ellwanger                 [email protected]    mob. +39 334 683 3083

Press Office          Nando Calaciura [email protected] cell. 338 3229837

  • Visit Donnafugata
  • Visit Donnafugata
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