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A year at Donnafugata

From August 2013 to 2014, a year of activities and events to remember

10 August 2014 – Calici di Stelle: Wine, music, literature and the magic of the night harvest

This year’s edition renews its contents by offering visitors a multisensory experience articulated in guided tours, tastings, music and literature, along with the opportunity to attend the traditional night harvest of the Chardonnay. The tour began in the vineyard of La Fuga where every year the harvest of Donnafugata is inaugurated: guests could admire the harvest of the Chardonnay and taste the grapes in the moon light, thus living the thrill of an experience usually reserved to technicians. To make it an even  more magical experience a special tasting was set up dedicated to wine and literature. Edited by Filippo Nicosia of “Pianissimo books on the road” an open air library and space was presented where visitors could assist live readings: literary works from the Sicilian author Tommasi di Lampedusa and stories of the Thousand and One Nights. Each reading was accompanied by a wine that recalled through the name and the mood, those pages of great and universal literature. The reds, Sedàra, Angheli, Tancredi, Mille e una Notte and Sherazade, were at the center of attention, called to celebrate the natural bond of Donnafugata with art and literature. To complete the sensory experience, the musical group “Choro em trio” performed alternating pieces of Brazilian popular music and the music of the film “Il Gattopardo” rearranged in jazz.


July 2014 – Donnafugata introduces new tasting experiences

Five new tastings to experience Donnafugata and its wines. The “Classic”, the “Sicily”, the “Mediterranean”, the “Signature” and the “#Donnafugatatime”.

From the tasting of current vintages to the discovery of reserve wines, from local products to the most refined dishes of the Sicilian cuisine; a broad and well defined offer – in the past only reserved to groups – which allows the individual visitor to experiment and deepen its knowledge of wines and food pairings.

For further information:


May 2014 – Donnafugata takes part in the 22nd edition of Cantine Aperte

In the historic Marsala Cellars, the public of wine lovers were able to live a playful and fascinating experience, a multi-sensory journey dedicated to the association between wine and music. A theme dear to Donnafugata, on which it has developed a series of original initiatives, and that the Wine Tourism Movement has chosen to characterize this XXII edition with the contest #suonodabere. But the real protagonist of this edition of Cantine Aperte was Angheli 2010, an authentically French wine for blend and soft perfection. The Photographic Set #Donnafugatatime d’autore was dedicated to it: prepared with a theater wing, where visitors could look like characters inspired by the world of chivalry, it recalls la Chanson de Roland, the identity theme, much loved in Sicily, and evoked on the label of Angheli with the famous phrase “ladies, knights, arms and loves”.


15/18 May 2014 – Symposium of Masters of Wine in Florence

It is the most exclusive wine event of the year, promoted in Tuscany by the Institute of Masters of Wine with headquarters in London and associates from all over the world. The Masters of Wine are, in wine, the great of the earth and this appointment serves as a G8. Informative sessions at the highest level, round tables with stellar names, crowded and competent debates and so much more in these days in Florence, where Marchese Piero Antinori did the honors. Donnafugata, in its style, wanted to celebrate this event by dedicating a moment of elegant sparkle to the great Tuscan producer and all the distinguished guests. At the Gala Dinner of the Symposium, Josè Rallo, voice and face of the Sicilian company, accompanied by cello and clarinet, performed three different moments of her musical repertoire “Donnafugata Music&Wine“, each dedicated to a wine, an emotion, a feeling. The charm of  Mille e una Notte (vintage 2008) resonated among the notes of an enveloping and extremely “appropriate” ballad “An Older Man is like an Elegant Wine” by Lee Wing, the light and colors of Sicily were revealed with Sicily by Pino Daniele and, lastly, the king of natural Passito di Pantelleria wines, Ben Ryé 2011, was lulled by the notes of Sina by Djavan, a piece with great rhythm and sensuality from the Brazilian repertoire (Video available on You Tube

6/9 April 2014 – Donnafugata’s Vinitaly in Verona

The Verona Fair is always in Donnafugata’s heart. It is the showcase of Italian wine but also an important opportunity to meet people who love wine and love drinking it, to present new vintages, new products (Lumera 2013) and new labels (Angheli 2010). Moreover, lots of appointments with Donnafugata in this Vinitaly: from Opera Wine with Mille e Una Notte 2008, to the presentation of the English edition of the book “Vino I love you” by Farinetti, which includes Josè Rallo among its protagonists, to Tre Bicchieri with Ben Ryé 2011, also present at Maestri d’eccellenza by Civiltà del Bere. An intense Vinitaly, vital and above all faithful in maintaining the relationship with its public of admirers who, numerous, thronged the Donnafugata stand again this year.

21 March 2014 – #Donnafugatatime di primavera

160 places from Germany to Italy, via Switzerland and France joined #Donnafugatatime di primavera, an initiative to celebrate on March 21 the arrival of spring with three Donnafugata labels: SurSur (Grillo) Lumera (the new rosé) and Sherazade (Nero d’Avola); wines that are characterized by pleasantness and a bouquet rich in fresh and fruity notes. But #Donnafugatatime di primavera is also an initiative with a social soul, which has seen the active involvement of the participants, transformed in true photo reporters sharing their shots of the evenings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #Donnafugatatime. #Donnafugatatime is a format launched last summer with a schedule of itinerary aperitifs in wine bars in Italy. A way to address those who love quality wine also when choosing a more informal style of consumption.


February 2014 – Lumera: the new rosé signed Donnafugata

A bright and modern rosé the fruit of an unusual blend where the international varieties Syrah, Pinot Nero and Tannat accompany the autochthonous Nero d’Avola. A hymn to the Sicilian spring and femininity: Lumera is the woman loved by the Sicilian poet who celebrates courtly love and whose face makes this label unique.


January 2014 – Go Green! The Carbon Footprint Accounting is on the label (see P.R.)

In 2011 Donnafugata decides to calculate the Carbon Footprint of its wines. Together with DNV GL-Business Assurance, a certification body worldwide, Donnafugata quantifies greenhouse gas emissions during the entire production cycle, from the vineyard to the bottling and communicates it on the label as from 2014. The Carbon Footprint is a starting point for the definition of new measurable goals to reduce your environmental impact.

November 2013 – Mille e una Notte 2008 Vintage to remember (see P.R.)

A vintage to remember that best expresses the idea of complexity and elegance of this wine that is the symbol of Donnafugata. An interpretation of the territory and Nero d’Avola: autochthonous variety that has helped communicate the image of Sicilian wine in the world and that is predominant in the blend. An avant-garde label with a fairytale image: the “Mille e una notte” starry oriental sky that embraces the Palace of Donnafugata, mentioned in the Gattopardo.



October and November 2013 – Donnafugata with the Institute Grandi Marchi

In the USA the institutional appointment of the Grandi Marchi with the tasting guided personally by the 19 producers gathered at the Institute. “Exploring the authentic wines of Italy”, in October in San Francisco, there was a tasting of wines made from autochthonous grapes, expression of excellence of the Italian wine territory. José Rallo, owner of Donnafugata, had the pleasure of presenting Mille e una Notte 2008, to an audience of press and experts.

In November after the stops in Seoul and Singapore, the Grandi Marchi Tour landed for the first time in Australia. In Sydney and Melbourne the Master of Wine led the Tutored Master Class for a limited number of members of the trade and media. Ben Ryé 2011 was one of the protagonists of the event. Antonio Rallo, owner of Donnafugata, was able to transfer the qualities of the heroic viticulture Donnafugata practices on the island of Pantelleria.

October 2013 –  Josè Rallo among the “Stories of Courage” by Oscar Farinetti

Josè Rallo is one of the protagonists of “Stories of Courage”. A journey from the north to the south of the peninsula where Oscar Farinetti meets twelve producers and, between one tasting and another, recounts their story, passions and entrepreneurial vision. Such as in the chapter “The Song of Wine” dedicated to Donnafugata in which the author summarizes: ”José sings and carries around her business model”.

August 2013 – Calici di Stelle, record attendances

Record number of visitors at Contessa Entellina for the night of Calici di Stelle. The traditional appointment on August 10, when Donnafugata opens its vineyards and cellars to the public so they can attend the nighttime harvesting of the Chardonnay, with the participation of 1,500 wine lovers. A result that confirms the growing success of the events organized at Donnafugata: Cantine Aperte (600 people for the 2013 edition), San Martino in November (450 people in 2013).


Public Relations:

Baldo M. Palermo [email protected] tel. 0039 0923 7242267

Laura Ellwanger [email protected] te. 0039 0923 724258

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