2013 Harvest on Pantelleria

2013 Harvest on Pantelleria

Vineyards and cellars

A vintage with healthy and ripe grapes, the premise of harmonious and balanced wines.


2013 was a vintage with slightly more rainfall than the previous years, with temperatures in line with the average of recent years and extreme temperature variations between day and night that enhance the aromatic richness of Zibibbo, the main variety cultivated on the island.

The temperature differences favored the vegetative-productive balance of the plants and the transfer to the clusters of what the leaves photosynthesized during the day.

From October 1, 2012 to October 1, 2013 rainfall reached about 506.8 mm (source “Regione Siciliana – SIAS – Servizio Informativo Agrometeorologico Siciliano”), a value that is slightly higher than in previous years (450 mm).

There were normal climatic conditions during the most important moments of the vintage: the springtime wind partly interfered with the phases of budburst and flowering in the months of April and May, while in July there was a normal veraison, preceded by a topping in June to encourage the growth of new leaves, physiologically active in the last stages of ripening.

The vineyards of Donnafugata are a fine example of heroic viticulture characterized by terraces and lava stone walls. The vineyards located in 12 districts differ in soil, altitude, exposure, vine age (even more than 100 years old) and ripening period. In the Khamma cellar the individual lots of Zibibbo are processed separately, enhancing the plurality of the viticultural contexts.

At Donnafugata the Zibibbo harvest began on August 17 in Martingana and Punta Karace, the early districts, with the picking of the best clusters intended for withering. It continues in the districts of Bukkuram, Khamma, Favarotta and Bugeber (a bit higher up and mostly exposed to the east) with the harvest of the grapes for withering and those intended for the must for the production of the passito Ben Ryé. In September it continues with Barone (further inland, high up and facing east) where the grapes from younger plantations will be used for the dry Zibibbo Lighea while the grapes from older plantations (50-60 years old) will be the base for the sweet wines Kabir and Ben Ryé.

The harvest concluded on September 15 in the Mueggen, Gibbiuna and Ghirlanda districts (higher up and inland) with the picking of the grapes intended for Lighea and Kabir.

Overall, a less productive vintage, due to the wind in spring, but with healthy and ripe grapes, characterized by aromatic richness, the premise of perfumed and fragrant wines.


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