Donnafugata’s José Rallo at the Biennial of Small Enterprises promoted by Confindustria

Donnafugata’s José Rallo at the Biennial of Small Enterprises promoted by Confindustria

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Genoa, 30th to 31st March, the debate on “building business in Italy: what to change, how to win.”

Marsala, 16th March 2007. The successful “Made in Italy” brand is evermore an expression of an entrepreneurial example aimed at small and medium enterprises. The Genoa Biennial of Small Enterprises, promoted by Confindustria, will be held in Genoa on 30th and 31st March. It is an important occasion to confront the government and the local and national institutions on subjects of development and the capacity of the Italian productive system to best interpret the new challenges of competitiveness and innovation, thus contributing to the country’s economical boost.

Donnafugata’s José Rallo is the only wine entrepeneur invited to the round-table opening discussion at the Biennial entitled: How to win: Innovating, passing on the baton, joining in, at the Carlo Felice Theatre at 3:30 pm on March 30th .

Gianluigi Angelantoni, Managing Director of Angelatoni Industries, will be speaking alongside José Rallo. Contributions will also be made by: Bruno di Stasio, Chairperson of Armes and Promag; Mirco Gasparotto, Chairperson of Arroweld Italia; and, Claudio Orrea, Chairperson of Patrizia Pepe.

“The productive experience of Donnafugata has become a role model for the development of the island’s productive fabric,” explains José Rallo, “producing quality wine while respecting the evironment and developing the land, is a philosophy where passion, creativity and organizational severity are established to generate efficiency, image and uniqueness. Italy is not a country in decline. Our products, and obviously not only our wine, can  proudly compete with more competitive markets more successfully, as long as they manage to maintain their surplus value, or rather their identity of Italian produce. Devising  a system between the Italian qualities, raising the overall image of Italy abroad and communicating the values of the territory are indispensible for generating a rival of our economy.”




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