#DonnafugataTime: the social aperitif, all summer long, signed Donnafugata

#DonnafugataTime: the social aperitif, all summer long, signed Donnafugata


A tour of events in the wine bars dedicated to the varietals of Donnafugata and shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

It is a fresh and informal drinking, authentically born in Sicily, the one proposed for the Summer 2013 with the #DonnafugataTime. Three varieties and three wines for Donnafugata’s social aperitif, dedicated to the autochthonous varieties: Grillo, Nero d’Avola and Zibibbo. On stage are the whites, SurSur and Lighea, and the red Sherazade, offered to the public as the ideal aperitif wines, to be consumed with friends, relaxing, perhaps after a day at the seaside or visiting museums.

#DonnafugataTime ci vediamo per l’aperitivo! is a tour of events that wants to propose a style of informal consumption, in tune with the way the wine is lived. “Today – says José Rallo, owner together with her brother Antonio of the historic brand of Sicilian wine – many young people look   to wine for a more and more friendly consumption, lived in a natural and fun way. And we wanted to adopt this style for the #DonnafugataTime, which has a social soul, designed precisely to communicate directly with those present at an aperitif signed Donnafugata”.

To date, there are over 30 scheduled events from June to September, but the calendar is constantly updated. The stages are relaunched weekly on the Facebook and Twitter company profiles, using as the communication key the hashtag #DonnafugataTime that gives the title to the tour. Furthermore, the wine lovers attending the events can share the photographs of their aperitif on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #donnafugatatime: every week the most beautiful photo is chosen and shared on the company profiles.

“Sicily is popular and attractive, also its wines – says José -. #DonnafugataTime is a project that is growing day by day, well liked and shared by lots of wine bars throughout the Italian territory. Its formula is simple and appealing, centered, for the summer 2013, on our wines that are most innovative and recognizable as varietals of the territory. Proposing Grillo, Nero d’Avola and Zibibbo serves to highlight the value of our autochthonous varieties, and to catch a trend in consumption that researches these productions, rich in history and identity, but with a more modern profile”.


Fruit, freshness and charm are the hallmarks of the three varietals of Donnafugata offered for tasting: the white SurSur 2012, the novelty of this year, is characterized by the aromas it releases and the fragrant sapidity it offers on the palate, recalling the intensity of white peaches and grapefruits typical of Grillo. Lighea 2012, a single variety Zibibbo of Pantelleria, vinified as a dry wine, is a sunny white with evident flowery scents of white roses and orange blossom combined with hints of citrus peel. Finally, the Nero d’Avola Sherazade 2012 that, with this label, takes on refined elegance for the softness of tannins and fresh fragrance of red fruits, typical of this variety.

See you for an aperitif!


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