Wine & tourism at Donnafugata
Vineyards and cellars

Donnafugata, in 2014, exceeds about 10,000 visitors: This is the number of wine lovers who decided to visit the historic cellars in Marsala or the Contessa Entellina and Pantelleria wineries. Excellent results obtained from the annual appointments: “Cantine Aperte”, “Calici di Stelle” which recorded nearly 2,000 people.

Twenty years of emotions with Donnafugata
Wine and Music

Sunday 25 May, from 10 to 18, a special edition of Cantine Aperte in Marsala, in which wine intertwines with music and la Chanson de Roland

Cantine Aperte a Donnafugata: a premium wine fete

Cantine Aperte, one of the Italian wine world’s most appealing events, will again include Donnafugata. On Sunday, May 27th, the Sicilian winery will welcome wine-lovers into its historic Marsala cellars from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In 2010 a new wine-tourist record set at Donnafugata: more than 10,000 visitors
Vineyards and cellars

Acquainting them with the territory, vineyards and winery, Donnafugata shows how premium wine is created

Donnafugata opens Contessa Entellina to wine-lovers
Vineyards and cellars

Donnafugata triples its efforts, to the delight of visitors to Sicily exploring its wine & food treasures. In addition to being able to tour its historic Marsala cellars and Pantelleria winery, starting this summer, lovers of fine wine can also visit Donnafugata’s Contessa Entellina estate.

Cantine Aperte at Donnafugata: a fine wine fete
Vineyards and cellars

Cantine Aperte, or Open Cellars, one of the most intriguing events in the Italian wine world, will be held at Donnafugata once again. On Sunday, May 30 the Sicilian winery will open its historic Marsala cellars to wine-lovers, renewing its contribution to the growing wine tourism trend.