In the Vittoria area, between the Hyblean plateau and the sea in south-eastern Sicily. Donnafugata can count on 18 hectares of vineyards in production. In the territory of Acate, a comune that falls within the “classic” perimeter of the denomination, Donnafugata cultivates 11 hectares of Nero d’Avola and 7 hectares of Frappato destined for the wines under the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG and Frappato DOC denominations.

The soils are medium-textured interspersed with calcareous tuff. The climate is typically Mediterranean, warm temperate, mitigated by a sea breeze during the summer, as well as by a wide variation between day and night temperatures.



The rhythms of the countryside

The rhythms of the countryside

18 hectares (44 acres)

South-east Sicily

Altitude 120- 150 meters above sea level.; gently sloping terrains, with a south-east exposure; the composition of soils goes from terrains tending towards sandy, and interspersed with a substratum of calcareous tuff, porous and friable, that retain a good amount of moisture to  terrains with medium-textured tending towards clayey.

Warm temperate and quite windy, even in summer, thanks to the position of the vineyards between the sea and the Hyblean mountains; during the crucial ripening phase, the vineyard benefits from cool “thermal breezes” and a wide variation between day and night temperatures. Average annual rainfall is around 430 mm.

SP (vertical shoot positioning), with wooden stakes and stainless steel wires; cordon spur or Guyot pruning, leaving 6 to 10 buds per plant. The planting densities is 4,000 – 4,500 plants per hectare (1,619 – 1,822 an acre) with yield per hectare varying from 7.0 to 8.0 tons per hectare.

Nero d’Avola (11 ha) and Frappato (7 ha).

Nero d’Avola and Frappato are usually harvested between the second and third ten days of September; depending on the climatic trend during the vintage, Nero d’Avola ripens before Frappato or vice versa.

 Vittoria DOC Frappato and Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG.

Autochthonous grape varieties


Frappato is one of the most ancient Sicilian grape varieties; it loves the warm temperate and dry climate that characterizes the territories of the Vittoria DOC. The cluster is compact, medium-sized with a pyramidal shape. The berry has a thin skin; a high concentration of aromatic compounds (terpenes). Frappato is generally a wine that has a pale ruby color, with an extraordinarily fragrant bouquet with notes of fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) and flowers (blue flowers, violets, roses). Light bodied and low in tannin, the palate is extremely pleasant, soft, fresh and juicy.   


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Nero d'Avola

King of Sicilian red grape varieties, it is successfully cultivated in all viticultural areas of the island, showing a very high interaction with the environment. The wines are rich in character. Deep ruby red, great aromatic wealth with notes of fruit, flowers and spices, good structure, rightly tannic, full bodied, balanced acidity and smoothness, harmonic.

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Vintage charts Vittoria


2016 was a vintage with little rainfall. Temperatures were normal, without excessive peaks, with a wide variation between day and night temperatures thanks to the “thermal breezes”. The low rainfall and drier climate affected yields that were slightly lower than average. A sunny harvest, allowing for the production of very healthy grapes, perfectly ripe from an aromatic and phenolic point of view.