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Lighea by Donnafugata, a heroic and sustainable challenge

With the 2023 Lighea, Donnafugata consolidates its commitment to sustainability using the Cento per Cento Sicilia bottle and Nomacorc Ocean closure. An aromatic wine with few equals, Lighea is made from Zibibbo grapes and is symbolic of a form of heroic viticulture that looks to the future.


Donnafugata continues to focus on the challenge of environmental sustainability by introducing innovations to its Lighea white, which remains true to its origins but is now packaged in an innovative new way.

Beginning with the 2023 vintage, Lighea is now bottled in the Cento per Cento Sicilia (‘100% Sicily’) Burgundy bottle, so-called because it is produced exclusively on the island of Sicily from recycled glass according to a virtuous circular economy model promoted by Fondazione SOStain and implemented by O-I Glass.

Weighing just 410 grams, the Cento per Cento Sicilia bottle also has the advantage of being lighter and therefore contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact over time. Lighea also uses the Nomacorc Ocean closure, produced by recycling plastic collected in coastal areas to protect the marine ecosystem.

These are the new features of a white wine that is already special, made from Zibibbo grapes and a product of the heroic viticulture of Pantelleria: the sun and the wind are the silent guardians of this volcanic island; here, vines are grown using the traditional Pantelleria head-trained bush practice, very low down and inside a hollow. A creative and sustainable agricultural technique that UNESCO has added to its list of intangible cultural heritage.

The result is an aromatic wine with a deeply Mediterranean character; a white that stands out for its unmistakable hints of orange blossom, its citrusy and floral notes, its remarkable freshness, and its pleasant mineral finish.

“The extreme nature of Pantelleria has always represented a real challenge and Lighea is a truly authentic interpretation of this land,” comments Antonio Rallo, winemaker of the family business. “Growing the vines so low and in terraces requires a lot of labour, from pruning and harvesting through to the essential maintenance of kilometers of dry-stone walls. Knowledge, hard work, and dedication are the basis of the teamwork that makes it possible to create unique and highly distinctive products like Lighea.”

“It is a wine that looks to the future,” underlines Josè Rallo, manager of the company together with brother Antonio. “The introduction of the Cento per Cento Sicilia bottle and the Nomacorc Ocean closure are innovations in line with the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. Choices that add to over 30 years of good practices: from the reduction of the environmental impact of the vineyard to the production of clean energy, from the protection of biodiversity to support for the land. An ongoing commitment that has enabled us to obtain SOStain certification for sustainable Sicilian winemaking.”

Finally, a restyling of the Lighea 2023 packaging tells the personality of this wine through the eyes of a bewitching mermaid. In the background of the new label, the shades of the sunset have made way for those of the sunrise on Pantelleria, faithful to the elegant original design drawn by the peerless Stefano Vitale.

Marsala, March 4th, 2024


Baldo M. Palermo [email protected]  ph. + 39 0923 724 226

Emanuele Corsale [email protected] ph. + 39 0923 724 225


Fondazione SOStain – Formed in 2020 and promoted by Consorzio di Tutela Vini Doc Sicilia and Assovini Sicilia, Fondazione SOStain Sicilia launched a strategic sustainability programme for the Sicilian winemaking industry; the Foundation promotes good practices for enhancing the ecosystem and the adoption of a virtuous production model among Sicilian businesses. The programme involves a set of Guidelines consisting of 10 minimum requirements which include aspects ranging from the measurement of the water footprint and carbon footprint to checks on the weight of the bottle, from preserving biodiversity to promoting human and territorial capital. The Foundation currently has 40 members, 24 of which are already certified, and is committed to raising awareness of the importance of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development across the region.


Vinventions / Nomacorc – Vinventions is the world’s most comprehensive supplier of wine closure systems designed to support the different needs of wine producers. Vinventions provides closure solutions that maximise performance, design and sustainability. Its brands include Nomacorc Green Line and Blue Line, SÜBR, Vintop and Wine Quality Solutions. Vinventions employs over 550 collaborators across the world and manages production sites in the US, Belgium, France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa and China. Vinventions’ leadership values are customer care, innovation, empowerment, teamwork, sustainability and long-term responsibility. Vinventions has chosen to work alongside Donnafugata and the Damarino white wine was the first bottle in the world to use the Nomacorc Ocean closure, produced by recycling plastic collected in coastal areas to protect the marine ecosystem. In 2024 this closure is used for various Donnafugata wines.
O-I Glass
O-I Glass is one of the world’s leading producers of sustainable glass packaging for the food and beverage industry. It employs 24,000 workers and has 69 production sites, 11 of which in Italy including the Marsala works in Sicily. Its most recent products include the Cento per Cento Sicilia bottles, produced exclusively in Sicily from 90% recycled glass according to a low-waste circular economy model. Another step towards a “zero mile” production process that respects the environment and promotes local resources.  /


  • 2024 03 04 Comunicato Stampa LIGHEA 2023 Eng
  • 2024 03 04 Comunicato Stampa LIGHEA 2023 Eng
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