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The colors of the soul

Donnafugata and the dialogue with Stefano Vitale’s art. The author of the winery’s memorable labels will be at Vinitaly to autograph his latest creation.


The artistic labels that dress Donnafugata bottles are distinctive, iconic. Each is a story, and all together they make up – magically linked to each other – the fantastic dimension of feminine beauty, Sicilian nature and its wines.

A symbiosis between art and wine that springs from a common feeling, the one between Stefano Vitale and the Rallo family: an artist on one side, and the founders of Donnafugata, Giacomo and Gabriella, on the other.

Born in Padova, Stefano Vitale lived in the United States for many years before returning to live in Italy, in Venice, where he still has his studio-laboratory today and creates illustrations for the world of publishing and corporate communications. In 1990, it just so happened that Vitale met Gabriella Rallo; she remained struck by the sight of some of his drawings and convinced him to launch the collaboration with Donnafugata. Thus was born “La Fuga”, the first label and then gradually all the others.

Together with Gabriella – source of refined inspiration for Vitale’s sketches – it was Giacomo Rallo who strongly encouraged this communication project, designed to convey the message of an innovative and evocative Sicily.

A friendship and deep understanding bind Vitale to Donnafugata, also with the fifth generation of the family, represented by José and Antonio Rallo. Thus, still today, the artist’s unique stroke is capable of making the personality of each Donnafugata wine and its recognizability shine.

A dialogue between art and wine whose latest creation is the label of Bell’Assai, a Frappato di Vittoria that marks the debut of the production commitment of Donnafugata in eastern Sicily. The preview is at Vinitaly in Verona, this wine displays a radiant illustration that depicts Bell’Assai, a girl of character, who is offering the fruits of the vineyard and the scents of the countryside to the sweet Sicilian breeze. An artistic label with which Donnafugata wants to celebrate the love for the beautiful.

A passionate collaboration by virtue of which, exceptionally for this Vinitaly, Stefano Vitale will be at the Donnafugata stand (pad. 2, D67/E70), Sunday 9 April, to autograph the label of Bell’Assai.

“I want to thank Stefano Vitale – José Rallo says – for fulfilling our desire to have him at Vinitaly for at least one day to meet, together with us, the numerous fans that visit our stand. We know his legendary reserve and therefore we consider his presence as a precious gift for the audience of wine lovers and collectors that follow us with affection. A feeling that we want to reciprocate with a symbolic and personal gesture such as handing over a label autographed by its author.”


Biographical notes on Stefano Vitale

Born in Padova in 1958, Vitale moved to California, United States, where he studied economics in Los Angeles, before he gave free rein to his more intimate inclination for art, attending the Art Center College in Pasadena. During these years Vitale traveled extensively throughout Mexico and Central America whose folk art deeply influenced his expressive style. After living in New York for 15 years, he returned to live in Italy, in Venice, where he still has his studio-laboratory today and creates illustrations for the world of publishing, advertising and packaging.



Donnafugata for culture and the territory

Ever since its dawning, Donnafugata has paid homage to the history and beauty of its territory; it does this by drawing inspiration from literature, promoting archaeological research and art. A will that makes it representative of an innovative Sicily and the excellence of Made in Italy.

Over the years, Donnafugata has supported the Tomasi di Lampedusa Literary prize which has been awarded to writers such as Abraham Yehoshua, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Claudio Magris and Anita Desai.

Since 2000, Donnafugata has been supporting the Scuola Normale di Pisa in the archaeological excavations on Rocca di Entella – the ancient city of Anthìlia – near the Contessa Entellina vineyards. The Elymians lived here, the introduction of grapevine cultivation in this territory has been attributed to them, as demonstrated by numerous finds discovered on the Rocca and Roman coins that bear the effigy of a grape cluster. Donnafugata sponsors the Giuseppe Nenci Prize named after the great archaeologist who, with the Normale, was a pioneer of studies on ancient Sicily. Today Anthìlia is the name of the most enjoyed Donnafugata white wine in the world.

To contribute to the enhancement of the territory’s artistic heritage, Donnafugata also sponsored the restoration of the fifteenth century Madonna with Child exhibited at the “Pepoli” Museum in Trapani, and is committed to supporting the Tapestry Museum in Marsala that preserves eight Flemish works of great value, dating from the XVI century.




Baldo M. Palermo [email protected] tel. +39 0923 724226

Laura Ellwanger [email protected] tel +39 0923 724258

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