Ben Ryè 2008

Dialogue with art

From the Arabic “Son of the Wind” because the wind blows constantly among the clusters on Pantelleria. A special label has been dedicated to the limited edition, that draws on the narrative thread of the classic label, reinterpreting and enhancing it. The love, care and effort of heroic viticulture are illuminated by golden rays, in a sweet and elegant portrait. Ben Ryé 2008, a special edition of Passito di Pantelleria Donnafugata, on which Giacomo Rallo is proud to put his signature.

Stefano Vitale, the author

Stefano Vitale is an internationally renowned artist and illustrator. Born in Padova, Italy in 1958. He studied economics at the University of Southern California and traveled extensively through Central America, coming into contact with the local folk art that deeply influenced him. After completing his studies in economics he obtained a degree in Fine Arts at The Arts Center in Pasadena, and then moved to New York where he worked for about 15 years. He currently lives in Italy. He is well known for having illustrated several prestigious magazines and literary works (e.g. the cover of the novel “L’Alchimista” (The Alchemist) by Paulo Coehlo). For Donnafugata he has designed almost all the labels: an exceptional artist with a unique stroke, capable of making the personality of each wine shine.
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