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Futuro Anteriore

The challenge of the heroic viticulture of Pantelleria at the Radicepura Garden Festival

The heroic viticulture of Pantelleria – in all its extraordinary uniqueness – could only but be one of the symbols of this 3rd Edition of the Radicepura Garden Festival, the Biennial exhibition of the Mediterranean garden which will be inaugurated in Giarre on June 27th and which will explore the theme of the Gardens of the Future until December 19th. Precisely during the year in which the health emergency led us to reflect on the relationship between man and natural resources, the Pantelleria vineyard took shape and substance on the slopes of Etna, within the botanical park of Radicepura, becoming a symbol of strength and life of a thousand-year old history that celebrates the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

The culture of the Mediterranean landscape, productive excellence and protection of the territory are the values that gave rise to the partnership between the Donnafugata winery and the Radicepura Foundation, Sicilian companies, heralds of an innovative gaze over their own land. Futuro Anteriore was born out of this collaboration; it celebrates the wine-growing on Pantelleria, the island where man, throughout the centuries, has managed to cultivate vineyards in an extreme environment: windy, little rain, steep slopes and no springs of water. The vineyard is on terraces supported by dry walls made of lava stones, built by the skilled hands of the winemakers; the terraces help prevent soil erosion and make the island’s landscape unique.

The Zibibbo vine grows almost creeping on the ground, inside “hollows”, so the plant is very low and protected from the wind. The hollow as well as the dry walls also have the function of collecting the dew, helping to satisfy the plant’s need of water. The Alberello Pantesco as a “highly sustainable and creative agricultural practice” has been recognized by UNESCO as an Ethereal Cultural Heritage of Humanity: a millennial heritage that the farmers of this wonderful volcanic island have succeeded in handing over to the next generations, with a modernity that defies time.

Futuro Anteriore is the symbol of the productive excellence – from the Zibibbo grape to the Passito of Pantelleria – and of the challenge won by man over the volcanic island: a garden that has ancient roots, it tells about the present and looks towards tomorrow. The illustration by the artist Stefano Vitale completes the garden and represents the heroic viticulture, the result of immense dedication and manual work. Futuro Anteriore offers a concrete answer to the questions of tomorrow: a garden from which to be inspired, an example of harmony between man and nature, to be preserved and handed over to future generations.

“With the Faro family we share a productive vision, – Josè and Antonio Rallo, the owners of Donnafugata explain-, based on the values of craftsmanship, sustainability and care for the landscape; a business culture aware of the challenges we face: from climate change to soil erosion, from economic and environmental sustainability to the care of the land.”

 June 26th, 2021


Donnafugata Press Office Nando Calaciura [email protected] cell. 338 3229837

In partnership with the Radicepura Foundation

Radicepura Garden Festival Press Office: Stilema – [email protected]


Donnafugata was born in Sicily from the initiative of a family with over 160 years of experience in quality wine that, with passion, has been able to innovate the style and the world’s perception of Sicilian wine. In this context of millenary wine-growing, Donnafugata produces Ben Ryé Passito of Pantelleria Doc.

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