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The “Khamma Trail” at Donnafugata to discover the biodiversity of Pantelleria
A nature trail in the suggestive Pantelleria landscape to discover the perfect harmony between nature and agriculture Donnafugata inaugurates the “Khamma Trail” on its Pantelleria estate, an experience designed to raise and enhance the awareness about the extraordinary biodiversity of the island that became a National Park in 2016.
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Passiperduti, a new interpretation of Grillo for Donnafugata
Donnafugata previews Passiperduti at Vinitaly, a poetic wine from the high hill vineyards of the Contessa Entellina estate. A timeless Grillo, with an elegant and floral soul, surprising for its minerality and persistence.
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Rebirth: The New Donnafugata Music & Wine Album
The repertoire of jazz and Brazilian music sung by Josè Rallo appears on the main streaming platforms with the third album: Rebirth.
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Contesa dei Venti, a surprising Nero D’Avola
An emblematic red wine, a product of the Vittoria area and of an original interpretation by Donnafugata. Contesa dei Venti is a woman gently caressed by the wind that comes from a dialogue between the sea and the Iblei mountains. Elegant, with an enveloping personality, this is the…
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Tancredi 2018 Dolce&Gabbana e Donnafugata
Tancredi 2018, the prestigious red, becomes a permanent part of the exclusive range of Dolce&Gabbana and Donnafugata wines; The creativity by Dolce&Gabbana pays homage precisely to “Il Gattopardo” (The Leopard), and in particular to the contrast between tradition and modernity that Tancredi sums up.
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Tancredi 2017 Limited Edition
Tancredi is the prestigious Donnafugata red, presented together with Dolce&Gabbana in a new limited edition, this time with the vintage 2017.
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The Sicily of Donnafugata at the Vinitaly Special Edition 2021
A special edition, in the sign of the recovery, which the Sicilian company participates in with its small, prestigious productions, from unique territories and vineyards.
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The 2021 Grape Harvest at Donnafugata
The 2021 grape harvest at Donnafugata promises well thanks to quality-oriented agricultural practices and generally favorable climatic conditions.
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Isolano e Cuordilava
Dolce&Gabbana and Donnafugata present two new prestigious productions from the slopes of Etna volcano: the white Isolano and the red Cuordilava, the result of the mountain viticulture of this terroir.
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Calici di Stelle 2021: Wine and Dance Italy Starts Up Again with Beauty
A magic night in the Acate vineyards on August 10th. A selection of historic vintages, refined combinations and the art of dance. Extraordinary guests and artists with a performance of classical ballet as a tribute to Carla Fracci.
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Prospects for the 2021 Grape Harvest at Donnafugata
The trend of the year at Contessa Entellina, Pantelleria, Vittoria and on Etna. The prospects for the 2021 grape harvest at Donnafugata are good thanks to the quality-oriented agricultural practices and the favorable climatic conditions that have been recorded so far. From the point of view of rainfall,  the rainy…
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Futuro Anteriore
From the partnership between the Donnafugata winery and the Radicepura Foundation Futuro Anteriore is born, a garden that celebrates the heroic viticulture on Pantelleria, the island where man, throughout the centuries, has managed to cultivate vineyards in an extreme environment: windy, little rain, steep slopes and no springs of water.
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